SOLAS Safe Pass Course

This Course is designed with all construction site and local authority workers (including apprentices and trainees) in mind. Any person wishing to enter a site must ensure that they have a fundamental knowledge of health and safety. Essentially, any worker who alters, interferes or changes a building must have a Safe Pass card. This requirement came in to effect in 2003 and applies to all workers in the construction sector. The law also requires that cards must be refreshed every four years.

SOLAS Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) provides for the training, assessment, certification and registration of non-craft operatives within the construction sector. CSCS is covered under Schedule 4 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction)Regulations 2006 Legislation

The Aims and Benefits of the CSCS are to provide opportunities for participants to become competent, confident and committed in applying the skills, knowledge and attitude that are associated with their occupations in construction.
Operators who successfully complete an approved CSCS Training and Assessment Programme are awarded FETAC Certification and are eligible to apply for a CSCS Registration Card.

CSCS Plant Training - New Entrant Programme (click for overview)
Certification Max Delegates Days Requirements
SOLAS 4 3 Current Safe Pass Card / Passport Photo / PPS No

Certification on New Entrant is provided by Solas New entrant Training Card . Applicants can then proceed under supervision until such time as they have the necessary experienced gained (six Months) to entitle them to do the one day experienced operator programme.

CSCS Plant Training - Experienced Operator Programme
Certification Max Delegates Days Requirements On Completion
SOLAS/QQI 2-4 1 Min 6 months experience on a continuous basis which must be signed of on by employer & applicant / Current Safe Pass Card / Passport Photo / PPS No 5 year CSCS card & QQI certificate

CSCS Non-Plant Training Programme